Solo Show Fluorescent Gallery

So excited to be installing my solo show Unfinished Business at Fluorescent Gallery in Knoxville, TN next week!

It’ll be a combination of a couple of series I’ve been working on called UnWinding Sheets and Conversations. Both are food coloring paintings of faces that started as introspective looks/talks inside my head with the people around me, but quickly grow beyond the self portrait realm.

David Wolff, the founder and director, has even given me the go ahead to paint some while there too. This is a photo of an unfinished piece I named “Salvageable” I think I’ll bring it to mess with…


We All Draw: Thinking Drawings 5-9th November 2015

Fingers No. 4

This little drawing, a study of the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY, called Finger No. 4 will be exhibited Bargehouse, Southbank, London from the 5th to 8th of November. Thanks Erin Wiersma!

Images of New Work

Below are some images of new work thanks to the talented photographer Jeanette Mays.

I’d like to mark a professional first and note that last month was really good to me. I was able to exhibit work in three different shows: a group show in Brooklyn, NY, a traveling show at the University of Princeton, NJ and a three-person show in Nashville, TN. Thank you, February!

Yanez_Janet_Decker_WEB-8759 Yanez_Janet_Decker_WEB-0001 Yanez_Janet_Decker_WEB-8752 Yanez_Janet_Decker_WEB-8762

Liminial Communities

It’s official Your Honor/Keep What You Have Loved will be included injdyanez_03_your-honor_keep-what-you-have-loved_4593

Liminal Communities, A.I.R.’s National & International Exhibition
Curated by Lucy Li, Independent Curator and Critic, New York, NY
A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
March 6-29, 2014
Opening Reception March 6-9p with curator’s talk to begin at 5:30p